Condell Park High School

The future is ours

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Principal’s message

Condell Park High School is a comprehensive co-educational secondary school located in Sydney’s South-West. We are proud of our diverse student population, with an Autism Support Unit (5 classes) and 94% of students with a language background other than English (LBOTE).

At Condell Park High School, we are committed to fostering a positive and productive learning environment catering to advance the academic and wellbeing needs of every student. The school’s values of respect, equity, safety and positivity are the platform from which all learning and social activities are anchored.

Evidence-based teaching and learning practice underpins strong academic improvement in literacy, numeracy, and the school’s broad curriculum. Students are equipped with a growth mindset to build resilience and confidence in the learning process. The school promotes future focussed life long learners who aspire to advance themselves, their families and communities as ethical global citizens.

Susie Claire Mobayed